Career Development 

In order to achieve our high quality objectives, on time and on budget, it is very important to have talented people as members of our team. In ETKIN GROUP OF COMPANIES, we aim to retain our high performing colleagues, under well satisfied conditions. Therefore we focus on people who take our vision and values as theirs and combine our culture with their behavior, by converting challenging situations into good business opportunities. 

Job Opportunities

To apply for the currently available employment positions in ETKIN GROUP OF COMPANIES, please follow the requirments in our HumanResources Web Site or reach us from The application will also ensure that your information will take part within our.

All applications are carefully examined and evaluated by our Human Resources Department and then the potential ones, according to the applicants' preferences, are sent to the appropriate departments and/or projects. This is done prior to being added into the CV database, which is used as a candidate source for future employment needs. If required, detailed information about our projects is also available under Projects 

Internship Opportunities 

Internship opportunities are for upper-level undergraduates; all candidates should have good command of English and a GPA score of at least 3.0. The application deadline for each year is March 31.

Due to high demand and limited availability, we recommend that you, submit your complete Internship Application to by the beginning of the subject year.

Scholarship Opportunities

ETKIN GROUP OF COMPANIES choose scholarship holders every year.Internship opportunities are for embarrassed undergraduates which are ambitious for learning and self improvment. Candidates should continue their educations on 4 yeared education programs of Istanbul Universities Electrical,Mechanical and Civil Engineering Branches or Bussiness/Economics Faculties.. The application deadline for each year  between September- December.For detailed information and appilications kindly apply

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