In 1988 Etkin Engineering Co. has established to provide project and contract services for electro-mechanical systems as the base of Etkin Group of Companies; which is operating 2 separate sectors; 7 companies with 450 employees both domestic and abroad.

Rom Etkin Impex S.R.L was established in 2001 for construction, electromechanical contracting and trading in Bucharest, Romania. In 2021, As an addition, In 2023, ETKIN Bau- und Solartechnik GmbH started its activities in Germany to do fotovoltaik systems, construction, electromechanical contracting and trade.

In 1995 Etkin Services Co. has established in order to meet demands of operating and periodical maintenance of the facilities. The French Company “ Atalian Global Services became partner on December 30th 2013 by purchasing 51% shares of the Company. (Transfer of shares to Atalian Global Services (partnership in 2013) was completed in 2017)

In 2003 Shares of Gursoy Construction Inc. purchased to operate in the Russian Federation and renamed as “OOO Rus Etkin”.

Growing fast within years, they have become a group of companies by establishing Etki Foodstuff Ind. & Trading Ltd. Co. (Our company, which distributes Algida ice cream in the Bursa region, has leaved from the sector in the 2019 by transferring the company.), Bursa in 1992, CAPRA Goat Raising Husbandry Breeding Enterprises Food Ind. Ltd. Co., Bursa in 2013, FMD Foreign Trade Construction Ltd. Co., Istanbul in 2009, Etkin Bakery Ltd. Co., Bursa in 2014.  As an addition, Rus Etkin Moscow has been working in several regions of Russian Federation, particularly Moscow, since 1994.

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